Ongoing ANC3F Issues

UDC Van Ness Campus Master Plan

DRAFT UDC Van Ness Campus Master Plan 10.13.20

UDC Campus Master Plan Presentation – 9-15-2020

Days Inn Hotel use as Coronavirus Shelter-in-place residence

Testing Sewage for Coronavirus

Update June 30, 2020 – Tracking Covid-19 in Sewage

Other Past Issues

Broad Branch 2018 Status Report – Marek Salanski

WMATA Open House Boards for Mount Pleasant and L1 L2 Bus Lines

4250 Connecticut Avenue ANC Preview

4250 Connecticut Avenue Development Plan

Van Ness Main Street Public Art Grant Application

Van Ness Main Street Grant Budget for ANC 

UDC Equity Imperative

Equity Imperative

3101 Albemarle St Planned Unit Development (PUD)

2017-06-26 Intent to File PUD

Exelon / PEPCO

2017-07-19 Community Meeting Notes

Hearst Park Renovation

Hearst Survey Presentation at the ANC 011717

       Sept 26 Resolution DGS DPR responses

April 18 2017 ANC3F resolution DGS and DPR responses

Cleveland Park Hearst Resolution Responses

Murch Modernization

Murch Biweekly Update 7-28-17

Murch Biweekly Update 7-14-17

Murch Biweekly Update 5-5-17

Murch Biweekly Update 4-21-17

Department of General Services Project Overview

January 10, 2017 plans

Murch Jan 2017 Plans – Pt 1

Murch Jan 2017 Plans – Pt 2

Murch Jan 2017 Plans – Pt 3

Murch Jan 2017 Plans – Pt 4

Murch Jan 2017 Plans – Pt 5

October 6, 2016 plans 

ANC Presentation Package
Murch Design Narrative
Site Plan Drawings
Traffic Control Plan
Erosion Control Plan
Plumbing & Electrical

Reno Road Curb Cut Application:

Murch DDOT Drawings Concept Site Plan
Murch Curb Cut Pics
Murch DDOT Drawings Vicinity Map
Murch Truck Turning Diagram for Loading Dock
Murch DRAFT Access Statement
Motion to Oppose Murch Reno Rd Curb Cut (#124989)

Swing Space BZA Modification:

Application for Consolidated Approval of a Planned Unit Development
Murch – Prior Order
Murch – Swing Request and Explanation Letter
Murch-Motion for Minor Modification

Rock Creek Nature Center

ROCR Nature Center Complex DCP_Public Meetings Presentation

Discussion on LED Streetlights:

-AMA Adopts Guidance to Reduce Harm from High Intensity Street Lights

-Statement of the D.C. Street Light Task Force Revised Lobby Day

-LED Street Light Issue Summary for DC Council

-Lumens and Kelvins LED boxes highlighted

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