David Cristeal
Commissioner, ANC 3F01


April, 2020




Housing & Neighborhoods Committee

Parks and Watersheds Committee


My name is David Cristeal, a homeowner at Tilden Gardens since November 2016, and I was recently sworn in to fill the remainder of the 2-year ANC 3F -01 Commissioner term that was held by David Dickinson (ends on 12/31/20).

ANC 3F-01 is a wonderful mix of homes, parks and schools, and believe it or not, more embassies than small businesses.  It’s a great place to live, work, learn, and play.

I am ‘ran’ for the vacant spot to represent current and future neighbors’ voices as our city changes, grows and becomes more diverse and inclusive (hopefully!).  From the current residential/mixed use developments on Wisconsin Avenue, to the new pool and park improvements at Hearst, the campus planning at UDC, the revitalization of our commercial corridors, the paths that connects us to Rock Creek Park, and rethinking mobility on Connecticut Avenue, I hope to bring my experience to ANC 3F to make our area a better urban home.

I hope my 27+ years’ experience as a city planner leading local government housing and homeless programs as well their integration with comprehensive land use/transit-oriented development and human services to this new role as the ANC 3F 01 Commissioner.  I enjoyed that experience for 2 local governments in listening and collaborating with all levels of government as well as other public/non-profit, private sector and community stakeholders (in Arlington, VA and Raleigh, NC).

Since semi-retiring from Arlington County last November, I work a bit, consulting part time with LSA Planning.  So I have time for hobbies, like riding my bike, reading more books, binge watching shows people talk about like The Americans and Homeland.  I have a grown son who lives with his wife in Texas.  And like many of you, I Zoom this, Webex that and now Microsoft Team DC government meetings. 

The corona virus has thrown us all for a loop that many or most of us didn’t anticipate.  I think social distancing will be with us in one form or another for the foreseeable future.

Feel free to reach out to me at  3f01@anc.dc.gov or David.cristeal@anc.dc.gov

I’d love to hear from you, your concerns, your hopes for our community.

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