HOUSING & NEIGHBORHOODS COMMITTEE To addresses issues of affordable housing, rent control and the housing of new residents, all of which impact our community and will continue to impact it in the years to come. The objectives of the committee are to study, and report to the commission on, the developing issues related to housing in ANC3F, to act as a conduit of housing reports from the community to the ANC, and to give voice to the concerns of our residents. In the past year, the Mayor’s initiative on increasing affordable housing units throughout the city and particularly in Ward 3, along with the imminent renewal, or not, of Rent Control have combined to  make the discussion, and action, on housing particularly cogent. Contact: anc3fhousingcommitteee@gmail.com


  • Zach Tashman (Chair)
  • Commissioner David Cristeal
  • Micah Cohen
  • Ingrid Eck
  • Kate Windman

Link to Reports/Documents

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