Naomi Rutenberg
ANC 3F03



January 1, 2017




Grants Committee

Soapstone Valley, Melvin Hazen and Broad Branch, Parks and Trails Committee


I have lived with my family in ANC 3F for nearly 19 years, residing first in North Cleveland Park and now in Forest Hills. For much of that time my workplace was 4301 Connecticut Avenue. We raised our son, who is now 19, in the neighborhood, including 9 years at Sheridan School. I appreciate the strong neighborhood vibe found here, the convenience to transportation and amenities, and the proximity to Rock Creek Park.

My professional life is centered on international health and development, in particular creating access to health and education services for marginalized populations in low income countries. For many years, I worked at a non-profit research organization that generated evidence about what worked and promoted the use of evidence for program planning. Recently, I have been working with a technology startup who is committed to a double bottom line: being profitable and doing good.

Other pursuits include dog walking–a great way to see the neighbors, running, and time in Rock Creek Park.

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